Interior 1

The interior of ProtoHaus™ is roughly 125 square feet. As you enter the door, on each side of you is a closet where all clothing and any accessories are stored when not in use - and this includes shoes! Past this you will find book shelves on the left surrounding our gas "fireplace" and fold down tables on the right with plenty of storage spaces. After this area comes the kitchen with the fridge and the stove on the left, the sink and work surface on the right with storage underneath and on shelves. After the kitchen you enter the bathroom which has a closet on the left that houses a bit of storage but mostly contains all the important electrical equipment for the solar system. The composting toilet will be directly in front of you with an exhaust fan overhead and the shower will be on the right.


The refrigerator, stove and oven are powered by gas and electricity from the solar system runs everything else… not to worry though, you can plug in if there's available power. The sleeping loft is above the kithcen/bathroom and behind the head of the bed is a 40+ gallon water tank from which all water is supplied. This is filled by using a drinking hose and can be filled by bucket as well although not advised if you can avoid this.

ProtoHaus™ Interiors